Difference Between Relational and Non-Relational Database

Relational vs Non-Relational Databases.

S.NoRelational DatabaseNon-Relational Database
1It was introduced in the 1970s.It was introduced in the 1960s.
2They are popularly known as SQL Databases.They are commonly known as NoSQL Databases.
3Data is stored in tables (in the form of rows and columns).Data is either structured or unstructured.
4It is probably going to have a larger server to accommodate a lot of amount of data.In NoSQL databases, we don’t have to buy a larger server to manage data, rather they can scale horizontally(can add new servers to what you already have as needed).
5Vertically Scalable.Horizontally scalable.
6Slower to access the data.Quite faster than a relational database to access the data.
7These databases have fixed or static or predefined schema.They have a dynamic schema.
8These databases are not suited for hierarchical data storage.These databases are best suited for hierarchical data storage.
9Follows ACID property.Follows CAP(consistency, availability, partition tolerance).
10These databases are best suited for complex queriesThese databases are not so good for complex queries
11For example: MySQL, Oracle, MariaDB, SQLite, etc.For example MongoDB, Neo4j, Redis, etc.

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