[Solved] Geopy library Error: Configuration Error

Error coming in the configuration of Geopy library.

Error details

geopy. exc.ConfigurationError: 

Using Nominatim with default or sample `user_agent` "geopy/2.2.0" is strongly discouraged, as it violates Nominatim's ToS https://operations.osmfoundation.org/policies/nominatim/ and may possibly cause 403 and 429 HTTP errors. Please specify a custom `user_agent` with `Nominatim(user_agent="my-application")` or by overriding the default `user_agent`: `geopy.geocoders.options.default_user_agent = "my-application"`.

The reason behind of coming Error is the default value of UA (User-Agent ) is terrible. For resolving this problem, you have to specify User-Agent in a unique string.

geolocator = Nominatim(user_agent='your unique UA')

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Ranjeet Singh Rawat
Ranjeet Singh Rawat

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